A new design concept

Imagine a stone with unrivaled strenth, texture and color. A unique stone, resistant, durable and with a wide range of textures that offer new design possibilities for interior and exterior spaces. That is our Quartz Phyllite and here you can see and download a sample of its architectural potential, in addition to the results of the quality tests which it has undergone:

Productos arquitectónicos

Architectural products

This catalog describes the design and construction advantages of the Quartz Phyllite in roofs, façades and walls, floors, landscaping, worktops, construction details and more. Download general catalog.



The Quartz Phyllite is lighter and more resistant than conventional slate and that makes it an ideal material that has been used traditionally in the roofs of heritage buildings. Download catalog.

Fachadas y Muros

Façades and walls

The Quartz Phyllite triples the resistance to the fixings of other stones and it is perfect in ventilated façades that optimise the energy demand of the building and its durability. Download catalog.



The natural texture and grain of our stone offer the possibility of combining colors and highly suggestive shapes on the floor, giving the interior space a unique and lasting personality. Download catalog.


Pools and gardening

One of the latest innovations in the use of our Quartz Phyllite is in pool basins, and the result is simply spectacular. Download catalog.


Worktops and constructive details

We are passionate about working with all types of natural stone which, combined with our advanced cutting and polishing technology, stands for stoneworks with unmatched quality. Download catalog.

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