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We are a modern yet experienced company dedicated for more than 50 years to the extraction, manufacturing, design and construction of buildings in natural stone. Our family-run company owns different quarries in the region of Bernardos, internationally renowned for its grey slate. The history of the Bernardos' slate dates back from 1559, when the king Felipe II ordered his royal architect, Gaspar de la Vega, the utilisation of slate in heritage landmarks such as the palace of Valsain and the Alcazar of Segovia. Slate experts across Europe came to Spain and found in Bernardos a unique stone of great quality, toughness and a characteristic plumb-like color and quartz waves. Since then, the Bernardos' slate became indispensable in many of the most beautiful examples of the Spanish architecture.

With branches in Spain and the UK, we are the leading company working the Bernardos' slate and the only one that produces Quartz Phyllite. We contribute to the sustainable development of the region and incorporating the latest technology to each of the stones that go out from our quarries.

Slate quarries in Bernardos

Slate quarries in Bernardos

The slate in our quarries is extracted by cutting with diamond wires and not with dinamite as it was traditional in the area. This pioneering technique is at the same time respectful with the enviroment and more sustainable as it creates regular working platforms from which large stone blocks can be extracted. The picture shows one of our slate quarries in Bernardos.

Production plant in Bernardos

Production plant in Bernardos

We have the latest technology to cut and polish the stone blocks that come from the quarry in Bernardos. In our production plant we also have an exhibition center and we would be pleased to welcome you if you want to to see where our products come from and the care the we put into the production process. This is the address: Canteras Street, 0, postal code 40430, Bernardos (Segovia, Spain)

Exhibition and outlet in Madrid

Exhibition and outlet in Madrid

Our exhibition center has over 5000 m2 extension with large stocks and samples of natural stones. We are at the entrance of one of the main highways in Madrid: the A6 km 20 in Las Rozas, which is one of the main commercial developments of the country and with a very convenient access from the city and the airport. We would be pleased to attend you personally if you visit us.

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  • Office in Madrid:
    Tel: +34 917 152 912
    Avenida Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo Bustelo
    51 Local, 28224, Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid, Spain)
  • Office in London:
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